What Are the Responsibilities of a Police Officer?

Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A police officer is responsible for protecting people’s life and property by enforcing the laws and regulations of the community they serve. A police officer is expected to patrol areas and look out for criminal activity.

A police officer must also respond to emergency calls for police service. In enforcing the law, a police officer must follow protocol, make arrests, conduct interviews, write reports and even testify in court. They must be able to understand various legal documents, such as warrants, and carry out their subsequent duties effectively. They also drive police vehicles throughout the day and night. During adverse weather conditions and other emergencies, a police officer may have to carry out functions like directing traffic.

Police officials are allowed to use force, but they also have the responsibility to use force appropriately and never outside the permissions of the law. They are also tasked with being active members in the community, participating in community-orientated policing activities.

Applicants who wish to become police officers must be humane, respecting all citizens and their liberties afforded to them by the Constitution, including due process. They are also expected to show courage, professionalism and integrity in carrying out their duties.