What Is Resort Evening Attire?

The “Resort Evening” dress code is a step above “Resort Casual” and usually requires dress pants, button-up collared shirts and nice shoes for men, and stylish skirts, dresses or blouses for women. “Resort Evening” attire is typically required for fancier restaurants, bars and clubs at high-end resorts and hotels.

Many resorts and country clubs have special bars and restaurants for their guests to attend. These establishments try to maintain a level of formality, and often suggest dress codes, such as “Resort Casual” or “Resort Evening.” They do this to prevent guests from going to the establishment wearing swimming suits and sandals, which is what many people pack for resort vacations. The “Resort Evening” dress code is one of the strictest codes, and is only a step down from “Formal,” although it may vary slightly from resort to resort.

The “Resort Evening” attire for men typically includes dress pants or nice jeans without holes. Men should not wear tank-tops or T-shirts. Instead, men should wear a collared shirt. Shoes must be closed toed and preferably dress shoes or nice sandals as opposed to sneakers. Women must also wear nice shoes and either dress pants or skirt with a blouse or a dress. If women can avoid it, they should attempt to cover up their shoulders.