How Do You Reset the Warning Lights on a Dashboard?

To reset the warning lights on the dashboard of most vehicles, simply disconnect the cable on the negative terminal of the car battery. This is easily done with only a set of pliers or a wrench. Although the warning light comes on due to routine issues with the vehicle, some of the problems may be due to major issues in the engine that should be inspected by an experienced mechanic.

  1. Pop the hood on the vehicle

    Pop the hood on the vehicle, and examine the engine. Find the car battery, and ensure the cables connecting to the battery are not frayed and are in good condition.

  2. Remove the negative cable

    Using a set of pliers, loosen the nut holding the cable to the negative terminal of the battery. In most scenarios, the negative cable is black. Completely remove the negative cable from the battery. This completely resets the vehicle’s computer system.

  3. Reconnect the cable

    Leave the cable off the battery for at least 10 minutes to ensure that the computer has completely reset. Reconnect the cable, then tighten the nut around it. Close the hood, and start the vehicle to ensure the computer has been reset and the warning lights have disappeared.