How Do You Reset a Plantronics Bluetooth Headset?

System reset procedures vary by Plantronics headset model. However, they generally include pressing and holding one of the headset’s buttons for several seconds, or holding the power button while connecting the AC power supply.

To reset a Voyager 510 headset and certain other models, hold down the power button and the minus volume control button until the blue light disappears. Wait one minute before turning it back on.

To reset a BlackBeat 903 or 906 headset and certain other models, plug in the AC charger while holding down the power button. When the light turns on, release the power button. Turn on the headset after unplugging the AC charger.

A full system reset is not always necessary, as a sensor reset may resolve the problem. To reset the sensor of a Voyager Pro HD, simply hold the headset by its microphone for five seconds. A full sensor reset can be completed by connecting the headset to its charger and resting it on a non-metallic surface for at least 10 seconds.

For users experiencing connectivity and audio problems, resetting the Bluetooth connection may be necessary. Delete the headset from the phone’s list of paired devices, and turn the phone off and on again. Re-pair the headset with the mobile device to complete the connection reset. The procedure is the same for all headset models.