How Do You Reset the Oil Change Light on a 2008 Dodge Ram?

To reset the oil change light on a 2008 Dodge Ram, turn the key in the ignition, and depress the gas pedal three times. This five-minute procedure requires the vehicle’s key.

  1. Open the vehicle

    Unlock the vehicle, sit in the driver’s seat, and close the door. Insert the key into the ignition.

  2. Turn the key

    Depress the brake, and turn the key in the ignition. Stop at the ON position, and do not start the engine. If you accidentally start the vehicle, turn it off, remove the key, reinsert it, and turn it again.

  3. Depress the accelerator

    Put your foot on the accelerator pedal, and slowly depress it as far as possible. Hold the pedal down for one second, and then slowly release it. Depress the pedal three times in less than 10 seconds. Reset attempts that exceed the time limit are unsuccessful.

  4. Turn the ignition off

    Turn the ignition off, and remove the key.

  5. Start the engine

    Reinsert the key, and turn it until the engine starts. Check the instrument display. If the oil light is still on, turn the vehicle off, and then perform another reset. If the oil light is not illuminated, it has been successfully reset.