How Do You Reset an MX410?

The Canon PIXMA MX410 printer has a factory reset option located in Device Settings. To access it, navigate to Device Settings, then to Reset Settings, select All Data, and press the OK button. Another issue some users experience comes after replacing an ink cartridge. The ink level may not reset, and a manual ink reset has to be done. To reset the ink levels, hold the Stop and OK buttons for five seconds.

The PIXMA MX410 printer includes built-in WiFi and an automatic 30-sheet document feeder. The printer has a digital display that shows printer settings as well as errors and alerts. The MX410 is compatible with both Mac and Windows and also allows for mobile printing.

It’s common for users to experience an ink counter issue with the MX410. The display shows that the ink level is low even after the ink has been replaced. To fix a printer not recognizing the added ink, press and hold both the Stop and OK buttons for about five seconds while the printer is on.

It may sometimes be necessary to reset the Canon MX410 to factory settings. This is a last resort and wipes all information, including WiFi settings and printing preferences. To perform a factory reset, navigate to Device Settings, then to Reset Settings, then select All Data and press Yes on the confirmation screen by using the printer’s OK button.