How Do You Reset a Legacy Garage Door Opener?

To reset a Legacy garage door opener, long-press the Prog button on the wireless keypad, and simultaneously long-press the 6 key and the triangular up-and-down buttons. Release all buttons together to reset the garage door opener.

To reprogram the garage door opener, press 3, 5, 7 and Prog until the indicator light starts blinking. Type a new passcode, and select Prog. The programming procedure is completed once the indicator light blinks twice.

Push Learn Code on the keypad, enter the passcode, and press the up-and-down arrows three times successively to reset the keypad to the door opener. Next, push the motor’s Learn button, and long-press your remote’s Open button. Release the button once the indicator light flashes. If the reset procedure fails to troubleshoot a problem with your Legacy garage door, put new batteries into the remote or keypad, and turn the motor’s power on and off alternately before repeating the reset process.

To program the garage door, press the Smart button, which is usually found on the part of the unit close to the antenna wire. Push your desired button on the remote to make it function as the Open button, and wait until the motor unit flashes and the LED light continues flashing. Test the new Open button to determine whether the programming is successful.