How Do You Reset a Health O Meter Scale?

To reset a Health o meter digital scale, hold down the lower right edge of the scale until the scale displays “0.0.” A Health o meter scale should be reset whenever it is moved, before each weigh-in and any time the scale displays an error message or reads “E.”

  1. Set your scale to pounds or kilograms

    Slide the selector switch on the back of the scale to choose whether to display the weights in pounds or kilograms.

  2. Put the scale on a firm, flat surface

    Place the scale on a flat wood, tile or laminate floor with a sturdy, firm surface. Avoid uneven surfaces or plush, carpeted surfaces, as they may affect the accuracy of the result.

  3. Quickly press down the lower edge of the scale

    Before each weigh-in, firmly and quickly tap the lower edge of the front of the scale. When the scale displays “0.0,” it is reset and ready to use.

  4. Repeat the procedure if the reset fails

    If the display changes to “E” after standing on the scale, it may be necessary to repeat the reset procedure. If the scale display reads “LO” instead of “0.0” or “E,” replace the battery, and then recalibrate the scale.