How Do You Reset a Forgotten Password on Amazon?

To reset a forgotten password on Amazon, go to the Amazon website, click Your Account near the top-right corner home page, and then click the Get Password Help link under Sign In Help. On the new page, provide your email address or mobile number, enter the provided characters, and then click Continue. Open your email account, open the email message from Amazon, click on the password reset link, and then provide the new password on the new page.

If you opened your Amazon account with a phone number, Amazon sends the password-reset instructions via SMS. The new password must have at least eight characters, preferably a combination of numbers and letters. The password must not derive from an email address, phone number, your name, or other personal information that can be easily obtained. Additionally, the password must not have been previously used on any Amazon account. Click the Save Changes button to activate the new password.

To confirm the recent changes, go to the home page of the Amazon website, and click on the Your Account link to access the login page. Provide the email address or phone number, tick the check box next to Yes I Have A Password, and then enter the new password. Click the Sign In Using Our Secure Server button to log in to your Amazon account with the new password.