How Do I Reset the Combination for a Three-Dial Travel Sentry Lock?

Reset the combination of a Travel Sentry three-dial lock by first lining up the each dial so that the old combination is shown through the three lock windows. If the lock is new, the factory combination for the lock will be 0-0-0. There is no way to open and reset a Travel Sentry three-dial lock without the old or default combination.

Next, lift up on the latch and turn it 180 degrees. Press down the shackle, and then turn it counter-clockwise while it is held in this “locked” position. While the latch is in this position, enter the new combination using the three dials. After the new combination is entered, rotate the latch back so that it is once again 180 degrees from its normal “locked” position. Lift up on the latch, and turn it to that it is now hovering over its designated hole in the body of the lock. Press down the latch to close the lock. Test the new combination. Travel Sentry is unique in that it provides a means by which members of the Transportation Security Administration can easily open and search luggage, and then close, lock and secure the luggage once again using the Travel Sentry lock. Numbers printed on the locks themselves inform the TSA agent as to what tool should be used to open the lock which eliminates the need for locks to be damaged in order to gain access to the baggage contents.