How Do You Reset a Combination Lock?

To reset a combination lock, open the lock, turn the padlock, hold down the top half and enter the new combination. Keep in mind that all combination locks are different, and not all locks can be reset, so check the manufacturer’s instructions for model-specific details on resetting the lock’s combination.

Every lock brand is different, so the best way to reset a combination lock is to refer to the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer directly and follow the model-specific instructions. To reset the combination on a standard padlock:

  1. Open the padlock
  2. Most locks need to be in the open position in order to reset the combination. Ensure that the padlock is fully opened and the lock is disengaged.

  3. Turn the lock
  4. Turn the lock’s top half 180 degrees to the right.

  5. Press down
  6. Engage the lock by pressing down on the top half. An audible click signifies that the locking mechanism is engaged. Keep holding down while performing the next step.

  7. Enter the new code
  8. Enter the new code into the lock by either turning the individual digits or rotating the dial. After entering the new code, rotate the top half and click it back in its standard locking position.

  9. Test the new combination
  10. Open the lock with the new combination to ensure the procedure changed the combination.