How Do You Reset Your Apple ID Password?

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To reset your Apple ID password, log in to your My Apple ID account, click the Reset Your Password link, provide the Apple ID, and then click Next. Choose one method from the provided options to reset your Apple ID password.

If you choose to answer your security questions to reset the Apple ID password, click Next, provide your date of birth, and then click Next again. Answer the security questions, provide the new password, and then select Reset Password.

To reset the password using the email verification method, tap Email Authentication, and tap Next. Open the confirmation email from Apple, click on the confirmation link in the email, provide the new password on the My Apple ID page, and then select Reset Password. Alternatively, if you have chosen the two-step verification procedure, enter the Recovery Key, select a trusted device to receive the verification code, enter the verification code, provide the new password, and then click Reset Password.

The new Apple ID password must contain at least eight characters, an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, and a number. The Apple ID should not include spaces, the same characters thrice in a row, a password that you have used in the previous year, or your Apple ID.