How Do You Research the Value of Collector Dolls?

Ricardo Sala/age fotostock/Getty Images

Research the value of collector dolls by looking for listings of similar items on auction sites such as or by checking online price guides such as those available on and, as of 2015. It is also helpful to check a local library for a physical price guide.

Online price guides are one of the first places to look for information regarding the value of a collectible doll due to the ease of access. However, they should not be the primary source for checking values because of the limited oversight and the possibly that the guides are not up to date. Compare these prices to current listings on an auction site to find out what real sellers are charging for the dolls. It is also helpful to look at the number of bids on a listing as well as the history of the seller to determine whether or not his prices are realistic.

Auction site also allows users to view past listings, which is helpful in understanding how much buyers have paid for a particular doll or determining the price of a doll that does not have any active listings. Many libraries and book stores also carry current issues of official doll price guides.