How Do You Request a Vacation Hold for the Chicago Tribune?

As of 2015, subscribers of the Chicago Tribune can request a vacation hold by accessing the Chicago Tribune self-service website at Account information, user name and password are required to log in to the site and manage accounts.

Subscribers who request a temporary hold must provide a date for delivery to resume within 30 days of the original stop date. Subscribers who require a hold longer than 30 days should call the newspaper staff directly to speak to a subscription specialist.

The newspaper does not offer credit for the dates in which delivery service is temporarily suspended. There are two options available for those who request a hold: have delivery stop altogether during the hold phase or request a Vacation Pak. For those who choose the Vacation Pak option, the Chicago Tribune saves the issues of the paper that are published during the hold time and delivers all issues upon the subscriber’s return. This option is offered at a 30-day maximum length of time.

Users of the self-service website can also use the site to report any delivery issues, pay for subscription services, access a digital copy of the newspaper, sign up for electronic bill notifications, and change account information such as delivery and billing address and payment options.