How Do You Get a Replacement Phone From SafeLink?

Safelink replaces a defective phone if the phone is returned within one year of the customer’s activation date. It also replaces a phone that has been lost or stolen as a one-time only courtesy.

Under Safelink’s limited warranty exchange policy, customers have up to one year from their activation date to return a defective phone. The defective phone should be sent to TracPhone Wireless. Upon receipt of the defective phone, TracPhone, at its discretion, furnishes a new or refurbished phone.

In accordance with its lost or stolen phone policy, Safelink replaces any lost or stolen phone with a refurbished model that is is shipped with only 10 minutes of airtime, regardless of the amount of airtime on the lost or stolen phone. Airtime in excess of the 10 minutes is forfeited, and the customer must purchase additional airtime if needed. If the replacement phone is lost or stolen, the customer must purchase a new replacement phone and airtime. If the replacement phone is lost or stolen prior to delivery, TracPhone may replace the lost phone and airtime as a one-time only courtesy. Any phone reported lost or stolen is permanently deactivated, and any airtime is forfeited. The Safelink agreement contains no provisions for periodically upgrading phones or replacing a phone that stops working after the expiration of the limited warranty period.