How Do You Get Replacement Parts for a Rival Small Appliance?

Find replacement parts for Rival brand small appliances online at,, and eBay. Enter “Rival replacement parts” into the and eBay search fields, click the search icon, and filter results using the options on the left of the landing page.

Find Rival small appliance replacement parts on by model number or part number. Alternatively, select Small Kitchen Appliance under the Select a Category drop down menu under the Shop Parts heading, followed by the product type, and then Rival under the Select a Brand heading. View all Rival parts by clicking the Major Brands link near the center of the home page, followed by Rival under the letter R. The results page displays two categories, which are Rival Ice Cream Maker Parts and Rival Kitchen Equipment Parts.

Access Rival appliance parts on by entering “Rival” into the search field near the top right of the home page or selecting an option from the Appliance Parts or Small Appliance Parts headings by hovering the mouse over the desired category description. The Rival link is on the left side of the home page, or search by category using the link options on the right or using the product icons in the center of the home page. The website sells parts for Rival electric frying pans, food slicers, food grinders and slow cookers.