How Do You Get Replacement Parts for Hampton Bay Patio Furniture?

Home Depot is the main distributor of Hampton Bay patio furniture. It sells replacement parts on its website and in its traditional stores. The Hampton Bay Customer Service page on the Home Depot site is a good source for brand-specific replacement parts. Other retailers also offer a variety of parts.

Finding the proper patio furniture replacement part begins with identifying the make and model of the item in question. Using the guides on the Home Depot website, you can quickly find the serial number of your product. With that information, finding the desired replacement parts is a relatively straightforward matter of searching through available products.

The Home Depot website also provides links to the Hampton Bay customer service department for parts you are unable to source through an online search. Hampton Bay directly ships a variety of replacement parts and is knowledgeable about warranty replacement options. When contacting customer service, it helps to have ready your store receipt, owner’s manual and any other information regarding the product you are calling about.

Other online retailers, such as Patio Parts Pro, may stock appropriate replacement items but often do not have brand-specific parts. Instead, they offer after market versions of original parts and accessories.