How Do I Get a Replacement Marriage Certificate?

To get a replacement marriage certificate, write or visit the state department of vital statistics. Provide the required information, and pay the fees. A new certificate is then generated.

  1. Visit the department of vital statistics for the state

    States keep records of marriages, so the department of vital statistics in the state where the marriage took place has a copy of the marriage certificate. Find information about this department by looking it up online or by visiting the local office.

  2. Provide required information

    For a replacement marriage certificate, the following information is required: full names of the bride and groom, exact date of marriage, city, county and state of marriage, reason for requesting a new certificate, relationship of person requesting certificate to bride and groom and daytime phone number with area code. All this information must be provided, or the request may be delayed or denied.

  3. Pay the fee

    A check or money order must be mailed to the state’s department of vital statistics if the request is made by mail. The fee must be paid at the time of the in-person request as well. Be sure to check the current fee by calling the department. Provide the proper fee amount based on the number of copies requested.