How Do You Replace a Washing Machine Filter?

Colin Hawkins/Stone/Getty Images

Washing machines can contain two types of filters: a lint filter to trap lint and stray fibers and a filter screen at the end of the water supply hoses that collects small particles. Each type of filter can be easily cleaned or replaced inexpensively.

Before rinsing or replacing either type of filter, individuals must disconnect the washer from the power source. To clean or replace the filter screen, owners must turn off the hot and cold taps and disconnect the hoses. Needle-nose pliers should be used to gently pry the filter screen from the end of each water supply hose in the back of the washer. If filter screens are damaged by removing, they can be purchased inexpensively at an appliance parts store. To insert the cleaned or new filter screen, individuals must press the edges of the filter into the hose end with a screwdriver.

Many front-loading washers have a lint filter or trap in the lower front of the washer. For certain machines, it may be necessary to remove the lower front panel to gain access. Others have a small door that provides access in the front of the washer. Owners must open the pump filter cap by turning it counter clockwise, and then replace the filter and turn the cap clockwise to close.