How Do You Replace an Oil Pump on a Ford F-150?

Replacing the oil pump on a Ford F-150 is an advanced level repair that requires draining the existing oil, pulling the oil pan and removing the oil filter from the engine. Pump replacement is an extensive process and incorrectly installing it will result in premature pump failure.

The oil pump’s proper function is to keep the oil flowing throughout an engine. When the oil keeps its proper flow, the pressure in the block remains consistent. This allows for the proper level of lubrication to protect the engine’s internal components.

Oil pump replacement

  1. Raise the front end
  2. Safely raise and support the front end of the vehicle.

  3. Drain oil
  4. Drain the oil from inside the engine block. The oil will drain quicker when the cap is unscrewed from the top of the block.

  5. Remove the oil pump
  6. Loosen the six oil pump bolts, and then proceed to remove the oil pump drive gear, driven gear, o-ring and pump assembly.

  7. Check the pump face
  8. The mounting location on the engine is called the pump face. If the surface is warped too much, the pump will not sit correctly.

  9. Remove oil pressure parts
  10. Behind the pump assembly is the oil pressure relief valve, valve ball and spring. Remove and clean them.

  11. Install the new pump
  12. Installation is the reverse of the removal with two special conditions. Be sure to properly install the new o-ring and to prime the oil pump before mounting it onto the engine.