How Do You Replace a Headlight Socket?

To replace a headlight socket, first disconnect the negative terminal from the battery using a socket wrench. Disconnect the existing socket from the headlight assembly, remove the bulb, and cut the wires going to the socket before splicing them with new wires according to their color codes and wrapping them in electrical tape. Secure the new socket in the assembly, and reconnect the negative terminal.

Before replacing a headlight socket, push the negative terminal away from the battery to ensure that no electricity is running through the lines. After cutting the wires at about 3 inches from the headlight fixture, trim 1/4 inch of rubber coating on the wire using a size 16 or 18 wire splicer. The splicer removes rubber without damaging the wire, making it possible to splice the new fixture’s wires into the assembly.

To splice the wires, twist the ends together while paying close attention to the color of each wire. Most commonly, two of the wires look the same color except one has a red or blue stripe that matches the new socket. Place a plastic wire connector over each spliced wire, and wrap the connections in electrical tape to protect them from exposure. Install the bulb, place the socket in its assembly, reconnect the battery, and test the vehicle lights.