How Do You Replace a Fuel Filter on a Ford Ranger?

The fuel filter on a Ford Ranger is located underneath the chassis and requires safely raising the truck as well as releasing the fuel pressure from the system to access it. Once the fuel pressure is released, the filter can be accessed and replaced without draining the gas tank.

The fuel filter is used to clean out any debris from gasoline before it reaches the engine. Over time, fuel filters can clog up which can causes a slue of different issues, such as erratic idling, trouble starting the car and poor fuel economy. The following instructions explain how to properly replace the worn fuel filter on a Ford Ranger.

  1. Raise and secure the truck
  2. Use a lift to raise the vehicle and support it using jack-stands.

  3. Depressurize the fuel system
  4. Disconnect the electrical inertia switch and run the engine for 30 seconds so it loses its fuel pressure.

  5. Remove the bracket bolts
  6. Loosen the fuel filter mounting bolts and retaining nuts.

  7. Loosen the retaining clamp
  8. Break loose the retaining clip and push it back; doing so will reveal the fuel filter assembly.

  9. Disconnect the fuel hoses
  10. Disconnect the front and rear hoses on the fuel filter and remove the assembly.

  11. Install the new filter
  12. Replace the filter and install the fuel lines. Install the filter cover and reconnect the fittings.