How Do You Replace a Fitbit Battery?

Replace a Fitbit Zip battery by opening the battery compartment, removing the old battery, placing a new battery in the compartment ,and closing the battery compartment door. One hundred percent power should be available, and the Zip is ready to use.

Most FitBit models have rechargeable batteries, but some, such as the FitBit Zip, need replacement occasionally. A replaceable 3V coin battery, CR2025, powers the Fitbit Zip, and it is available wherever batteries are sold. The manufacturer recommends changing the battery when its power level drops below 25 percent.

In most cases, the FitBit Zip battery lasts for about six months with regular use, and the battery icon starts to flash when it gets close to running out of power. If the battery completely runs out before being replaced, data loss may occur.

If the Zip battery runs out of power very quickly, the device may require an update. Use a computer or mobile device to do this. To do this on a computer, look for the FitBit Connect program, or download it from the FitBit website. Choose the Troubleshooting option to ensure upload of the correct right software to the device. If not, use the option to check for updates, and follow the directions.