How Do You Replace the Bulb in a Coleman Lantern?

To replace the bulb in a Coleman lantern, undo the lantern’s cover, take out the bulb from its position in the lantern, and buy a replacement bulb of the appropriate size and style. To install the replacement bulb, correctly align the connector of the bulb with that on the lantern. Check for proper installation, and replace the lantern’s cover.

To undo the cover of the Coleman lantern, turn the top made of clear plastic in a counter-clockwise direction. This loosens the cover. Lift the loosened cover off the lantern, and keep it to a side.

To release the bulb, press the two tabs present on both sides of the bulb so they are positioned away from the lantern’s center. Gently raise the bulb away from the lantern.

To determine the size and style of the replacement bulb, check for these details on the old bulb’s base. Use this information to buy a matching replacement light bulb.

The replacement bulb has a male connector present on its base. When installing the bulb, ensure the bulb’s connector and the female connector present at the lantern’s center are aligned.

Switch on the lantern to check for proper installation. If the bulb is not illuminated, test if the connection to the bulb is adequate and the batteries of the lantern are functional. Finally, position the lantern’s cover over the bulb, and turn it in a clockwise direction until it sits tightly.