How Do You Replace Broken Tupperware?

To replace broken Tupperware, contact the company’s customer care center directly through its toll-free phone number. After they receive your request, the company first verifies that the Tupperware piece is under warranty and can be replaced. If so, a comparable piece is mailed to you for only the cost of shipping and handling.

  1. Identify the Tupperware piece to replace

    Understand how the Tupperware warranty works for replacement pieces. Isolate the specific pieces to be replaced. Keep them near as you dial, since identification of the exact piece is critical to getting it replaced.

  2. Call the Tupperware Company

    Dial Tupperware directly, and explain that you need product replacement. Answer all questions about the piece that is broken, such as its color, size and when it was purchased. Be aware that not all products are eligible for replacement.

  3. Pay for replacement piece shipping

    If the piece is eligible to be replaced, Tupperware sends you an identical or comparable replacement for the damaged piece. You pay only for shipping and handling. If there is no comparable piece available in current inventory, the company can choose to supply a credit for future Tupperware purchases.

  4. Purchase new Tupperware if credit is given

    If a credit is given, contact a local Tupperware representative. Search for a local consultant online, or ask for contact information when you are on the phone with the Tupperware company. Purchase a new piece of Tupperware using the credit.