How Do You Replace the Belt of an Ariens Lawn Mower?

Replacing the belt of an Ariens Lawn mower begins with disengaging the mower to allow for slack on the belt. Do not turn on the machine while replacing the belt. Disengage the deck from the control rod, and then pull the old belt off the three pulleys. Replace new belts around the mower’s pulleys following the same configuration as that of the old belt, and replace the grass catcher.

  1. Disengage the mower lever and deck

    Disengage the mower lever to give room for slack on the belt. If your mower has a grass catcher, remove it before disengaging the clutch. Lower the mower deck on the ground before releasing the latches on both sides of the deck. Disengage the deck from the control rod that raises the deck up and down.

  2. Remove the old belts

    Loosen the bolts securing the belts to the mower’s pulleys using a wrench, and slide the belts away from the pulleys. Pull the belts off the pulleys, and prepare new belts for installation. Take note of the old belts’ configuration before installing new ones.

  3. Install new belts

    Install the new belts around the pulleys following the old configuration. If your mower has two belts, twist the belts as required around the pulleys to aid in the rotation of the blades in opposite directions. Ensure that all belts are engaged well on the pulleys and that they can move smoothly. Latch the lock and the mowing blade back before adjusting the control rod.