How Do You Replace a Bed Remote Control?

Replace a bed remote control by either contacting the bed maker directly and purchasing a new one or finding a third-party vendor that sells the relevant remote. In either case, it is very important to have the exact serial number of the bed for which you are seeking a remote.

Some bed manufacturers, such as Leggett and Pratt, urge customers to contact them directly if the customer loses the remote control and needs to replace it. Customers simply verify the serial number found on the base of the bed, and then either call or email the Leggett and Pratt customer service department to request a replacement.

Other bed manufacturers, such as Drive Medical, urge customers to buy replacement remotes through a third-party vendor. The Drive website provides detailed pictures of the kinds of bed remotes the company makes to better help customers identify the remote they need to replace. Once they are certain of the remote they need, customers can either click on Find an Online Provider or enter in their ZIP code or address to find the closest vendors of Drive Medical parts. The site displays results as a Google Map with stores highlighted by numbers. Below the map, the site lists the names and addresses of the individual stores beside their relevant numbers.