How Do You Replace a Battery in a Relic Watch?

Replacing a Relic watch battery requires loosening the back of the watch with a watch wrench, lining up the notches on the case, removing the back using a case opening knife and then removing the battery with tweezers. It is important to use tweezers to remove Relic watch batteries because some contain perchlorate material, which requires special handling.

Since the battery is located in the back of a Relic watch, it requires placing the watch face down on a surface to remove the battery. To avoid scratching the glass face, place it on a towel for padding. It is also recommended to clean the inside of the battery encasement with a fiberglass brush while the battery is removed. This helps remove dust and other particles that build up in the battery encasement over time.

Some Relic watch batteries have an O-ring that prevents particles from getting into the back of the watch. Professional assistance is required to change the battery in these Relic watches. Removing the back casing on any Relic watch is likely to void the manufacturer warranty. As such, owners should proceed with caution because any damage done to the watch during the replacement of the battery isn’t covered by the warranty.