How Do You Replace the Battery in a Citizen Watch?

To replace the battery in a Citizen watch, first steady the watch either in its original packaging or face down on a soft cloth to protect the face from being scratched. Determine the tool needed to remove the back of the watch and carefully remove it. Lift the retention clip to release the old battery. Use tweezers or clean gloves to install the new battery. Put the back on, reset the time, and clean the watch before using.

When removing the back from a Citizen watch, different methods may be used. Some require a case knife, while others need the case wrench. Screw drivers may also be used. These tools can be found in a watch repair kit. No matter the tool, proceed with caution when removing the back; the watch may have an internal water resistant gasket that may be disturbed by dismantling the watch.

The retention clip holding the battery can either be lifted up with tweezers or moved after loosening a screw. Carefully keep track of each piece removed. Also, note the orientation of the battery before its removal, as the new battery needs to be placed in the same manner.

Before replacing the battery, it is recommended that the old battery is tested with a battery tester. If the battery tester shows that the old battery is indeed functional, check the watch’s battery box for corrosion. If present, wipe clean with a cloth and try the old battery again. If it is still not functional, the watch may need to be taken to a professional.