What Is a Repast After a Funeral?

Ryan Lane/E+/Getty Images

A repast, or repass, is a gathering of friends and family after a funeral service. This involves a meal and can be either at the home of one of the family members, at the deceased person’s church or at the location of the funeral service.

There are a few things that should be taken into consideration for the individual who is in charge of the repast, normally the widow, widower or the children of the deceased. First, the family needs to decide who is invited to the repast. They can invite everyone at the service or make it invitation only to close family and friends.

Depending on how many are invited, the family needs to decide where they would like to hold the repast. The family home is the most common place, given that it is often the most comfortable place for a grieving family. Repasts include a meal, which can be provided by the family or they can ask invited members to bring a dish for all to share.

Depending on how many are invited to the repast and the size of the family home, another consideration for location is the family church. This usually includes a larger gathering space and the church may even provide the meal.