How Do You Repair Rhythm Clocks?

Waterfalls of the Fingerlakes, an authorized Rhythm clock dealer, states to first check the battery if a Rhythm motion clock stops working. Since the monitor button on a Rhythm clock is rarely pressed, the batteries generally last six months to a year. Waterfalls of the Fingerlakes recommends replacing them with Eveready Super-Heavy Duty batteries when needed.

If the music on a Rhythm motion clock is not working properly, first ensure the On/Off switch, located either on the back or side of the clock, is turned on. All Rhythm wall clocks, and some table clock models, are manufactured with a night shut-off sensor that automatically turns off the music when it gets dark. Check the sensor in a well-lit area to determine if it is working properly. Some Rhythm clock models only change tunes when the minute hand moves to the next hour. If the door with the dial does not open, check the two levers on the back of the clock. They are pushed in at the factory to avoid damage during transportation, and they must be pulled out for the door to open. If the pendulum suddenly stops working, shake the clock gently to help the pendulum begin operating again. Contact the company for help resolving other operating issues.