How Do You Repair an Oven Control Panel That Is Not Working?

Tetra Images/Getty Images

To repair an oven control panel, remove the control board from the oven, tighten the panel to the board with a screwdriver, then replace and the panel. If the error persists, replace the oven’s sensors or the control panel.

Disconnect the oven, and pull it away from the wall if necessary. Using a screw driver, unscrew the metal panel usually located near the top of the oven back. This helps access the control board. For a wall oven, open the oven door and loosen off the screws located underneath the oven control. To access the inside of the oven control board, loosen off the screws in the back of the control board with a screwdriver.

Detach the control board from the connector by pulling the end of the ribbon that stretches from the control board to the touch pad. Hold the back of the control panel against the board and reassemble the oven panel by tightening the screws. Replace the control panel and secure it in place with screws. Reconnect the unit, and turn it on. Allow it to run for about one hour before checking the display panel for a default code. If no code displays, replace the touch pad. If the default code reappears, diconnect the unit, check its wiring diagram, and replace the oven’s sensor or control board if necessary.