How Do You Repair Levolor Blinds?

Levolor blinds are generally able to last several years; however the strings may lose their tension over time and need to be replaced. In order to replace a damaged pull string on Levolor blinds, the older string needs to be removed and the new string properly measured and fitted onto the shade.

Use the following instructions to properly re-string Levolor blinds.

  1. Remove the end caps from each shade
  2. There are end caps located on each side of the shade. After removing the caps, slide off the top and bottom rails.

  3. Remove the cord from the cordloop mechanism
  4. With the top rail off, remove the damaged cord from the cordloop mechanism.

  5. Measure the amount of string needed
  6. Measure the height of the shade and multiply by two, with an additional foot to figure out how much string is required.

  7. Replace the string
  8. Insert the new string into the cordloop mechanism, and fish its through the shades. Install a washer to tie the cords down at the bottom.

  9. Install the top rail and caps
  10. Slide on the top and bottom rails, then thread the string into its lock.

  11. Tie off the strings into the condenser ball
  12. The condenser ball is a used to round up the remaining strings, so the shade can be easily pulled up and down. Tie all the strings inside the condenser ball.