How Do You Repair a Leak in a Bunn Coffee Maker?

Cleaning a Bunn coffee maker may stop leaks. Leaking in a Bunn coffee maker may be caused by improper maintenance, normal wear and tear, deterioration of the seals or the accumulation of mineral deposits.

Depending on the type of Bunn brewer that is leaking, Bunn offers cleaning videos on their website to help owner’s of these brewers get the appliance as clean as possible. For instance, if it is the Bunn Velocity Brew that is leaking, the video says to get a quart of white vinegar, a soft cloth, mild detergent and a toothpick.

The brew funnel and carafe should be put into place, and a quart of white vinegar should be placed into the water tank. When the lid is closed, water should begin to flow through into the carafe, just as it does to make coffee. The carafe should be emptied, the vacation switch turned off and the brewer unplugged. The remaining vinegar now should sit for at least two hours.

When the time is up, the brew funnel can be removed, as can the spray head. A toothpick can be used to remove any deposits, and then the spray head should be washed with mild detergent and water. The spray head, carafe and funnel should be replaced, and cold water put into the top of the brewer. The vinegar should flow out but may need to be flushed out as many as three times before the brewer is ready to use.