How Do I Repair a GE Oven With an F7 Error Code?

To repair a GE oven with an F7 error code, determine the exact cause of the problem. Typically, the control board or key panel must be replaced to address the issue. Repairs may require several hours.

  1. Isolate the problem

    To determine the exact cause of the F7 error code, press the Off or Clear button on the control panel, and unplug the oven. Disconnect the ribbon connector on the control board, and plug the oven in. If the F7 code appears after 30 seconds, it may be necessary to replace the control board. The absence of the code indicates the need to replace the key panel. An ohm meter can be used to test the key panel before replacing it if there is doubt about which part should be replaced.

  2. Replace the appropriate part

    Unplug the oven, and refer to the owner’s manual to locate the exact position of the key panel or control board. The key panel and control board are typically located behind the clock display on GE ovens. Disconnect the appropriate part, and replace it. Reconnect the appropriate wiring.

  3. Reassemble the oven

    Replace the access panel, and turn the oven on to determine whether the problem has been solved.