How Do You Repair an Electric Dryer That Doesn’t Heat?

Westend61/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

If the electric dryer doesn’t heat and doesn’t spin, a fuse may have blown or the electrical connection may be faulty, while if it spins but doesn’t dry clothes, the problem may be with the heating element or fans. Improper ventilation can cause problems as well.

The first step to troubleshooting dryer problems is ensuring that it’s connected properly. If the unit is plugged in but doesn’t turn on, one of the electrical fuses needs to be replaced. Newer dryers typically have thermal fuses that keep the dryer from overheating. Replacing fuses is fairly simple, although a second broken fuse may indicate that the dryer needs professional inspection.

If the dryer spins, it’s important to determine if the unit is not producing heat or if it’s not blowing heated air into the drum. If the sides of the dryer stay cool after it runs for a few minutes, the problem is likely with the heating element. Visually inspecting the heating element may reveal cracks. If the element looks intact, it may be best to hire an expert to determine if the heating element or other electrical components are to blame.

If the unit warms up but the clothing stays cool and wet, the fan or its motor has likely failed. Determining precisely what has failed with the fan and its motor may require expert help, but it’s worth cleaning around the fan to determine if it’s obstructed first.