How Do You Repair a Broken Metal Chair Leg?

To repair a broken metal chair leg, weld a broken chair leg, or use a cold-weld compound such as epoxy resin to fix cracks and join broken metal. Replace a crushed or extremely damaged metal chair leg with one identical to the rest, and weld it in place of the broken leg.

To weld a broken chair leg, set the broken leg against the chair, and hold the electrode of the welding tip close to the joint. Activate the trigger to make the metal melt into the join. Repeat this across the join until the weld penetrates deeply for strength. Wait till the metal cools, and repeat it at the back of the join.

Rub a rag over the broken leg to remove dust or any loose rust on a cracked chair leg. Cut pieces of wire mesh or metal, and coat it with epoxy resin before setting it over the cracks. Set it so that the edges bond firmly, and add more epoxy resin over the mesh until it sets fully. Use a metal paste and hardener to fill any chips in the chair leg, and sand it down once the paste is dry.

Coat the welded or resin covered section of the chair leg with protective wax or paint. If required, rechrome the legs so that they match.