How Do You Repair Beats Headphones?

Repair Beats by Dre headphones by bringing them to an Apple Store or contacting Apple Support for warranty service. These headphones are not intended to be repaired by consumers, and attempting such a repair voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

Beats by Dre is owned by Apple, and all repair and warranty service is done by Apple. These headphones come with a one-year limited warranty that covers defects in manufacturing. When these headphones fail due to defects within the one year warranty period, Apple repairs or replaces the headphones or refunds the purchase price.

Apple reserves the right to replace the headphones with a different but equivalent product, a used product or refurbished product. This occurs when an exact replacement for the original product is available. Replacement products must be equivalent in both function and reliability.

Batteries are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty unless they are defective. Apple considers batteries to be consumable parts, and a non-defective battery losing charge within the one-year warranty period is not eligible for service or replacement.

Apple repairs damaged or out of warranty headphones for a fee. The company provides an up-to-date chart listing repair prices for various Beats products on its Beats by Dre support website.