How Do You Renew Your OKDHS Food Stamps?

The State of Oklahoma Department of Human Services distributes food stamps, now called the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. Renew your SNAP benefits by visiting an Oklahoma Department of Human Services office or by filling out a set of forms at an OKDHS Web portal, as explained by Oklahoma Department of Human Services Live.

Initial acceptance for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program must be approved at a physical Oklahoma Department of Human Services office. In addition to the application form, provide proof of residency, verification of income and a copy of a social security card. Once you deposit the documents, a case worker sets up a meeting to calculate your income and expense report, which determines eligibility for the program, as explained by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

Once OKDHS establishes an initial application and a case number, you can renew or reapply for Oklahoma Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program online. The Oklahoma Department of Human Services has set up a Web portal ( to handle renewals. In addition, applicants can review their case files, upload documents and contact their caseworkers through the Web portal, as listed on Oklahoma Department of Human Services Live.

In Oklahoma applicants must renew benefits once every six to 12 months for as long as they are eligible to receive them. A letter with instructions for renewing SNAP benefits, and a deadline for submitting the renewal form, arrives in the mail roughly one month before the form is due. The entire renewal process can be completed online, as explained by the Community Food Bank for Eastern Oklahoma.