How to Renew a NYS Security Guard License?

To renew a New York State, or NYS, Security Guard license, one needs to complete the annual security guard training and submit the renewal form, along with the renewal fee. As of October, 2014, the renewal fee is $25.

A New York State security guard will receive the renewal form DOS-1246 at least 90 days prior to the expiration of his or her license. Security guards must complete and return the along with the renewal fee within 6 months of the expiration of the current license. The current amount of the fee is indicated on the form. Neglecting to return the form within 6 months of expiration leads to mandatory re-application and re-qualification. If the license is not renewed prior to the expiration date, the applicant cannot legally work as a security guard until the state receives the renewal.

The security guard also needs to complete an annual 8-hour training course every year. Security guards who carry weapons must also complete an additional, required 8-hour firearm class. These certificates of completion remain on file. The applicant should attach copies of these certificates as proof of completion when submitting the renewal. The renewal will not be processed without this proof.