How Do You Renew an Expired Vehicle Registration in Texas?

In order to renew an expired vehicle registration in Texas, visit a county tax office and present the renewal notice, license plate number and proof of insurance, then pay the renewal fee and potential expiration ticket. If the registration has been expired for more than five days, there may be a $200 ticket that needs to be paid.

Before a vehicle registration is about to expire, the state of Texas will issue a registration renewal license that will include the renewal deadline date, the renewal fee and potentially some emissions and inspection requirements. If the registration has not been renewed within 5 days of the renewal deadline, a ticket can be issued for up to $200.

  1. Visit a county tax office
  2. To renew a vehicle registration in person, go to a county tax office before the renewal deadline date that was given on the renewal notice.

  3. Present the correct forms
  4. Present the renewal notice. Then, present the license plate number, vehicle identification number or last year’s registration receipt. Finally, provide proof of liability insurance.

  5. Pay all of the fees
  6. There will be a renewal fee that must be paid. Also, if the registration has expired then there will be a ticket that must be paid.

  7. If applicable, provide proof that the emissions test has been passed
  8. If the renewal notice explained that proof of passing an emissions test is needed, then the proof must be presented to the county tax office.