How Do You Renew Your DEA Registration?

It is possible to renew a Drug Enforcement Administration registration by submitting a renewal application online through the DEA website, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration Office of Diversion Control. Obtaining an online renewal requires inputting information from the current registration.

To log in on the DEA website to complete a Registration Renewal Form, applicants must fill in their DEA number, state and Zip Code of the registered address, as well as the first and last name of the applicant or the name of the business, according to the Office of Diversion Control. Applicants must also fill in the expiration date of the current registration, which applicants can find on the registration certificate, and the Social Security number or Tax ID given on the previous application. After filling in the required information, applicants must click the Login button.

There are six sections on the online renewal application form, states the Office of Diversion Control. The first section requires personal or business information on the entity applying for DEA registration renewal, such as address and phone number. The second section asks for drug schedule information, and the third requires applicants to report any active and valid state medical licenses and controlled substance licenses or registrations. The fourth section requires applicants to provide background information on any controlled substances with which the person or company has dealt. The last two sections are payment and confirmation of the application. An applicant may print the application if desired.