How Do You Renew Your Contract With SafeLink Wireless?

To renew your SafeLink Wireless account, you must go through an annual process called re-certification. Because SafeLink is a free government wireless program, you must verify your eligibility each year. To re-certify, respond to the text message, letter or phone call you receive from SafeLink regarding re-certification within 60 days of receipt. The communication from SafeLink asks for information such as an address, date of birth and Social Security number, as well as your household income.

Most companies such as SafeLink don’t require supporting documentation to re-certify, and you don’t need to pay additional fees. SafeLink allows you to re-certify directly online by logging in via your enrollment ID and the last four digits of your Social Security number and then following the prompts and answering the questions on-screen.

Though SafeLink doesn’t require supporting documentation, submitting false information on the re-certification application is considered perjury and comes with severe penalties. Ensure your information is as accurate as possible when submitting the form. Failure to re-certify within 60 days of notification results in suspension or termination of your cellphone service.

SafeLink Wireless offers the Lifeline service, a discounted phone service that gives each customer one free wireless cellphone and a variety of monthly plans from which to choose.