How Do You Remove the Top Cover of a Washing Machine?

Removing the top cover, or cabinet, of a washing machine is fairly simple. It requires the use of a Phillips-head screwdriver and a flat-head screwdriver. The key to the removal of the cabinet lies in the end caps on either side of the washer, which house screws that hold the washer cabinet together.

Before attempting any type of washing machine repair or maintenance, disconnect the plug from the power outlet in the wall. For maximum safety, the hot and cold water lines should also be disconnected from the washer, suggests Once this has been accomplished, remove the screws on each end with the Phillips screwdriver. Tabs are located on each side, underneath the holes in the top panel; pull these tabs forward. Next, lift the console portion of the washer, then disconnect the harness plug. Clips should be visible on either side where the end caps had been. These clips must be turned up and removed using a flat screwdriver. After this has been accomplished, the cabinet can be removed by pulling it toward you. Use your leg or body as support for the front of the cabinet as it is removed. To reinstall the cabinet, follow the same steps in reverse.