How Do You Remove a Tick’s Head?

S.J. Krasemann/Photolibrary/Getty Images

A tick’s head can be removed by taking a pair of tweezers, grabbing the tick’s head and pulling the head out of the afflicted person’s skin, reports Kid’s Health. It is best to take the tick at this point and place it into a sealable plastic bag so that it can be identified.

Identification may be necessary if the person develops any kind of severe and unusual symptoms later on, according to Kid’s Health. People often worry about what happens if the tick’s head comes out, but other parts of the tick like its stomach or its legs stay embedded in the skin. If this happens, doctors ask patients to stay calm because the rest of the tick will fall out of the skin at its own pace. Sometimes patients have heard old wive’s tales that involve using a hot match to kill the tick, but this is both ineffective and dangerous.

After removing the tick, it is important that all involved parties thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water. The spot on the skin where the tick bit should also be washed with soap and water as well as sterilized with alcohol. The final step is to get the tick identified, particularly if the person lives within an area where Lyme disease is often present, according to WebMD.