How Do You Remove Teflon Coating From a Pan?

A Teflon coating can be removed from a pan using an abrasive, such as walnut shell, sandblasting, aluminum oxide, baking soda and metal scrubbing pads. Any of these abrasives can be used to scrub away scratched Teflon to completely remove it from the pan.

Teflon or PTFE coatings are a type of plastic coating with a low friction and non-conductive properties. Food that is cooked on a Teflon-coated pan does not stick to its surface. Even burnt food comes off more easily compared to non-Teflon coated pans. This coating does not last forever and eventually starts scratching and flaking off. Rather than tossing the pan out, the rest of the Teflon coating may be removed with a few types of abrasives to extend the cooking life of that pan.

  1. Soak pan
  2. Place the pan in a solution of soapy water for 24 hours. Soaking the pan helps to soften the top layer of Teflon, especially on scratched or burnt pans.

  3. Scrub with an abrasive
  4. Scrub the Teflon coating on the pan with a metal scouring pad and baking soda. Apply more baking soda as needed while scouring the pan. This is a process that may take a few hours to completely remove the nonstick surface from the pan.

  5. Consider a professional service
  6. Look to a professional service to sand blast or sand the surface with aluminum oxide if needed. This option is best considered for larger projects, such as removing a non-stick coating from water pipes.