How Do I Remove Starch From Clothing?

Tooga/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Launder the clothes as instructed to remove the starch. Additionally, soak the clothes in the washing machine or wash basin for a few minutes before laundering to let the starch soften. Dry and press as instructed without adding starch.

  1. Read the care instructions on the clothes

    Follow the care instructions particularly for the temperature of the water. Stubborn starch may dissolve easier in warmer water, although most will dissolve in cold as well.

  2. Launder the clothes as instructed

    Fill the washing machine, add detergent, and then add the clothes. Allow to soak if possible for a few minutes before agitating or spinning. If hand washing, soak for a few minutes, then launder as usual.

  3. Check results

    Remove clothes from the washing machine or wash basin, and check to see if the starch has been removed. If you cannot tell when the clothing is wet, allow to air dry completely, and examine clothing again. If satisfied, then re-launder and dry as usual.

  4. Repeat steps as necessary

    Repeat the above steps if all the starch has not yet been removed, using either a longer soak, warmer water or more robust detergent. Another possibility is adding white vinegar to the wash and rinse water. Vinegar is safe for most fabrics and removes odors, film and coatings. Normally, no vinegar smell remains, but if it does, re-launder once to remove.