How Do You Remove the Spare Tire From a Chrysler Town and Country?

Getty Images Europe/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The spare tire for the Chrysler Town & Country is located on the underside of the vehicle. It is removed by using the tire iron, which is found in a compartment just above and to the left of the floor in the rear cargo area.

The tire iron is stored in several pieces. The pieces are connected together to form a T shape, which provides leverage. In older model Town & Country minivans, the spare tire is located under the rear cargo area. In newer models which offer Stow & Go seating, it is located on the bottom of the center console between the passenger and driver seats. In both locations, there is a plug in the floor with the image of a tire on it.

Remove the plug and align the end of the longer branch of the tire iron with the bolt in the floor. Holding the shorter branch of the tire iron, which should be perpendicular to the floor, turn the iron counter-clockwise until the spare tire releases. The tire is released when the tire iron won’t turn any further to the left.

Once the tire is dropped, exit the vehicle and separate the two branches of the tire iron. The shorter section connects to the longer section to form a single, longer section, and has a small arm that extends several inches. Reach just underneath the vehicle with the arm facing down. When the tire iron reaches the center of the tire, lower the iron so that the arm catches the inside of the tire. Use the iron to drag the tire out from under the vehicle.