How Do You Remove Mold From Outdoor Carpet?

Remove mold from outdoor carpet by soaking the carpet in vinegar before steam cleaning the carpet or washing it off with a garden hose. Cleaning requires vinegar, a steam cleaner or garden hose and water. Depending on the size of the carpet, removing the mold takes one to two hours.

  1. Purchase vinegar

    Purchase enough distilled white vinegar to thoroughly soak the carpet.

  2. Apply the vinegar to the carpet

    Pour the undiluted vinegar on the carpet, making sure to completely soak areas where mold is evident.

  3. Allow the carpet to soak

    Allow the carpet to soak in the vinegar for one hour. Avoid disturbing the carpet during this time.

  4. Clean the carpet

    Add 1 cup of vinegar to 2.5 gallons of water. Fill a steam cleaner with the vinegar and water mixture. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean the carpet. If a steam cleaner is not available, use a garden hose to spray off the carpet. Make sure the vinegar does not run off onto any surrounding plants you wish to keep since vinegar can kill grass and other plants.

  5. Prevent exposure to moisture

    Allow the carpet to dry. To prevent the return of mold, keep the carpet away from any sources of moisture.