How Do You Remove Mesh From a Previous Hernia Surgery?

Surgery is required to remove mesh from a previous hernia surgery, and a doctor should evaluate the need for removal, according to No Insurance Surgery. Generally, mesh removal surgery is only recommended for people with chronic, severe pain, as the surgery can be risky.

Inguinal hernias are the most common types of hernias. They occur when the intestine or the bladder protrudes into the inguinal canal or through the abdominal wall, explains WebMD. Surgical meshes are used instead of stitches to repair the hernias to prevent hernia recurrence. However, the use of mesh can lead to surgical problems, such as infection.

The biggest issue patients have with surgical mesh is chronic pain that develops after having the surgery, notes No Insurance Surgery. Pain is normal during the first three months after surgery. Those with chronic and severe pain can benefit from mesh removal when medications and injections fail to relieve pain. Patients should discuss the best surgical options with their doctor, as simply replacing the mesh during surgery is not always effective for relieving pain. The risks and benefits of mesh-removal surgery must be considered, as the success rate is less than 90 percent and the complication rate is unknown.